Lifecycle of Customer encounter

  • Review of customer service encounters
  • Managing Customer experience: Journey mapping
  • Life cycle of a customer: how to win and keep Customers
  • Customer Profiling
  • Psychology of customer management
  • Attracting New Customers   
  • Professional Behavior with the Customer
  • Treating Customer as Royalty 
  • Strategies for Service Delivery
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Retaining Current Customers
  • Recovering Lost Customers
  • Effective use of CRM tools to maintain customer relationship
  • Knowledge check


INTERMEDIATE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT is an intermediate course as suggested by the name. It is presumed that every participant has basic knowledge of customer service and its essential. However, there would always be a review of individual’s experiences at the start of the course to help bridge the gap between what is in practiced and the business best practices.

INTERMEDIATE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT is focuses on the life cycle of the customer from inception to expiration. It is said that it is easier to maintain a customer than to win a new one. This course looks at how to win new customers as well as how to maintain one. The ideology of customer is king will be tested, while focusing on the human psychology aspect of business relationship. Also participants are taught how to measure customer satisfaction, recover lost customers and how to convert a skeptic to a canvasser.

Training Objective

Participants are expected to have these understanding and be able to do the following at the end of the course

  1. Must be able to profile customer’s effectively; using Pareto optimality and customer psychology
  2. Must be able to convert a prospect to a life-time customer; win, maintain and recover customers
  3. Must be able to match excellent service delivery with customer satisfaction
  4. Must be able to design and use CRM tools effectively to enhance customer relationship

Duration of Study

This depends on Company’s schedule for the training

Who can participate?

Customer service reps, Sales reps, Outdoor marketers, Front desk officers, head of customer service units, senior sales member and any other customer facing representatives of the company


Pricing is dependent on the location, duration, number of participants and Lecture settings.



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